Making Time For Yourself Outside Of Your Business

Hey Everyone!

In the video below, I talk about a few of the reasons why it is important to make time for yourself outside of your business for relaxation and leisure. In all of our daily lives we deal with stressful situations, minor problems that arise, work, daily tasks, and a lot of other things that can leave us feeling tired, stressed, and un-motivated…

Here’s how to overcome the stress and make time for yourself to regroup and refresh.
Hope you enjoy this short video and find some value!
Thanks for reading,
Brooke Neari

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  1. David Ingham

    Hi Brooke great video on taking some time out and getting out and away from your computer.

    Thanks for your tips :)



    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Hey, you’re welcome Dave and thank you for the great comment!

  2. Beckie Gentry

    Hey, Brooke! Great advice; I believe I’ll take you up on that! (Been spending WAY too much time on front of the PC lately!). Thanks!

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Awesome Beckie! A break from the PC will do you some good. :)

  3. Monty Murray

    Thanks for the excellent video! Taking a day to relax is a very good suggestion— Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Thank you Monty for the great comment and your welcome for the reminder!


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