How To Get More Followers & Increase Engagement On Google Plus

 Hey Everyone!


In today’s video I will show you exactly how I’ve been able to grow my following,
and get more engagement on my Google+ profile and posts.

These simple daily tasks are easy enough for Google+ newbies to follow
but it’s also effective enough for the pros to put to use as well.. 

Here’s an outline of the topics I go over in the video:

→ Finding people to follow with #Hashtags

→ Finding relative communities and joining them

→ Finding people inside relevant communities who are posting quality
content to follow/+1 their content

→ Posting your content inside of communities/
Using #Hashtags

→ Creating your own G+ community,
inviting friends, and connecting with them

→ Posting QUALITY content

→ Engaging with your friends/following


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– Brooke Neari

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  1. Jennifer Boyatt

    Thanks for the tips! I’m still trying hit my groove with Google Plus, so grateful for anyone who has walked the walk.

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      No problem! I’m glad you found some value in it Jennifer. :)

  2. donna merrill

    Hi Brooke,

    Just found you on PAC Community and it is a pleasure being here.

    Your video tutorial is so helpful on Google+ I’ve learned a lot here, especially using hashtags. This I will implement right away.

    I’m in some communities and find it very useful to find others that post valuable content to connect with them. Lots of times, I will even go to the blog itself and comment and share!

    I did have my own community but it fizzled out :( Too much work on my plate since I’ve done that. You made me realize to get back on it! Thank you.

    I like the way you have shown us how to ask questions and put up quotes. And yes…I am of the school of thought that quality is better than quantity.

    We must put our best foot forward and engage first before we can ever expect anyone to engage with us.

    I am so happy to meet you and thank you for this awesome video!

    donna merrill recently posted…How Bloggers Gain AuthorityMy Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Well thanks so much Donna!

      I’m glad that you found this helpful! A lot of people struggle on Google+ but it can be easy if you’re following the right steps. :)

  3. Christine Adindu

    Thank you for sharing. I need to pay more attention to Google+

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      No problem Christine, thanks for your comment!

  4. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Brooke,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Google+. I haven’t given it enough of my attention either but your video does make it very easy to understand.

    And congratulations on being Our RANDOM PAC Daily Member Pick for Friday 12/12/2014.
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…Who Is Really At Fault?My Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Well thanks a lot Monna! Google is a great platform to promote and socialize on if you know what you’re doing. :)

  5. google

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  6. Best Lawyer

    There is nothing better than a round up! These look fabulous. And you have reminded me that I need to do one this month….First month of the year is harrowing.
    Thanks for this share, I’ll be visiting these wonderful people.


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