How Social Networks Benefit Us

Did you know that about 98% of the U.S. people use social networking websites?

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People like myself who use these websites, use them for a large number of reasons. These websites are no longer used only for connecting with friends and family but they can also be used as a way of doing business.

When using these sites for business, the results for increase in business are high. The more people you get to follow and connect with you, the more people there are to share and talk about your business with others, and thus you create a wave of traffic to your business. One person shares to all their friends, another two people share that, then another five do, and the wave just continues to ripple.

Of course though, some people strictly use these sites for friendly networking. They use them just for personal use, to connect with friends and family. In cases like this, social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ play a big role in people’s lives. These websites make it possible for people to find lost relatives, old friends, new friends or even love.

Another portion of people use networking sites to further their business or to even help start a business. They promote their website, store, or whatever they have going on. These sites are also great for marketing, there is such a large base of people to choose from and to try to sell your products to.

Facebook, for instance, has millions of ‘groups’ you can join. There are groups for bloggers, writers, musicians, quote pages, groups to get friends, business groups, anything you can think of; there’s a group for it. These groups are also great places to find help in the online business career. You can join groups and ask questions from skilled people with like-minded ideas and life interests.

Social networking is also beneficial in the way that it helps people to express themselves. People that are generally shy to conversation or showing their true colors, find an escape of their own world to better express themselves and connect with people. People are able to share their thoughts, goals, photos, memories, and they can view and share their lives with the ones that are connected to them.

Entertainment is another large use of social networking websites. When people are bored they can scroll through their news feed and read what all their friends are up to, news, funny videos, great quotes, games and just pure entertainment. Some people use these websites as if they are the newspaper, and read through the newsfeed every morning while drinking their coffee to catch up on what they missed while sleeping.

My point of this post is to not only show you what social websites can do for your business but show you why social networking sites are valued by almost the whole world. There is always a use for these websites whether it’s for personal use or business use…

Alright Everyone, I’m outta here. Start sharing away and connecting with people as often as you can! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Good luck in your future endeavors!
Brooke Neari

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