Choose To Be Happy

                                                                    Defined by the dictionary,
Happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy..

What I have learned over the past few years is that whenever you feel happy, it was a choice made by you to feel that way. That’s simply what it is, a choice. It is completely dependent upon your choices and actions whether you feel this emotion or not.

Some people may argue that it is not a choice and that you cannot control the emotions that you feel. This in very few cases may be true, but the majority of all people are in control and can make the decision to be happy at anytime..

There are always obstacles, where there is happiness..

When negativity comes into play, the control that you think you may have over your emotions might change.

Some people live more stressed, intense and emotionally exhausting lives. When someone lives with all of these bad influences on their emotions they may become more vulnerable to the “less than happy” emotions that arise in their daily lives. These people more often decide to be anything other than happy and this is mostly because they know the feeling will not last long. They feel that something else is going to come along and make them feel not so happy again anyway. “What’s the point right? I’ll just have to face another issue soon and be right back where I am now anyway.”

What these people don’t realize is that they can change this, and can make a decision to be happy. The only thing holding you back from deciding to be happy is yourself. Your own mind is choosing to keep you down and create a less than happy day, resulting in a less than happy life. In order to decide to be happy you need to learn to not only let things go, but move on from them. The only way to shrug negative energy off is to move on from it and leave it in the dust.

Sometimes, the problem may not even be you. There are constant forces throwing negative energy your way. Some of these influences may be people, these are the people you need to let go. If someone is constantly pushing you into a negative state, why would you want them in your life anyway?

However, sometimes you may feel like you can’t let this person go, even though their negative. In times like these you need to step back and look at the world around you from a different more distant perspective. Examine the situation from a non-judgmental view and decide what is best for you, what makes you happy.

Your happiness effects your productivity..

Being happy is not only a great emotion to feel but it effects everything that you do. Working while you’re happy creates better productivity levels and higher ambition. Being happy makes social interactions more fulfilling and probable to happen again. Being happy also influences others to be happy in return and that starts a ripple. When one person is happy and shares that feeling with others they begin to feel the same way, then they share it with people and it’s passed to them. THEN, those people share that same feeling and it just ripples through people like a chain effect.

Happiness is a state of well-being that you not only can control but can create within yourself and your thoughts. Being happy is not only good for you but the people around you too. It IS a choice and you can take action in making your life and others lives better. It’s only a decision away and you should make that choice now.

Thank you for reading and let the happiness live on!

Brooke Neari

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