7 Steps To Closing A Sale

Have You Ever Struggled With Closing A Sale? 




I’m sure you have. Everyone at some point or another in the sales industry has struggled with this,
including myself. 
Personally, I know it can be kind of rocky trying to figure out your own closing
strategy and what works and what doesn’t..
Lucky for you guys, I’m sharing what has worked for me! 😉


Step # 1. Make A Connection :
The first and most important thing you should do when you first approach a prospect is to reach out and build a relationship. 

You can’t expect to close someone into your business right off the bat, without even knowing a single thing about that person. 
It just doesn’t work that way..So reach out, ask friendly questions and genuinely get to know that person. You have to get to people’s hearts first, not their wallets.


2. Offer Value Where You Can :
Offering some sort of valuable information or free training can influence a conversation to the fullest. When you open and freely share value with someone it can really open up their eyes to see that you are a person who genuinely cares and wants to help others. There are so many people online today that only care about the money and making sales, sharing something for free with your prospect is a sure way to count yourself out of that category. Examples: a blog post about getting leads, a short training video, a few recruiting tips, a free e-book, some experienced advice, ect…


3. Begin With The End In Mind :
Each question and answer that you share with your prospect about your product or niche should be leading towards the end result, a sale. With each prospect that you interact with, remind yourself of where you want to go with the conversation and then focus your efforts on moving in that direction. You need to think in terms of “if this person get’s into my business, I will help them in this way, and show them this…” You need to imagine as if they are already inside on your team and explain to them the ways in which you would like to help them. 


4. Ask Questions :
Asking your prospect questions is how you find out what exactly it is that they need help with. Chances are they have at least one area in their niche that they have been struggling with. It could be getting leads, closing sales, marketing their videos, setting up a blog, talking with prospects, getting their content viewed, the list goes on and on..The point is to find out what they’ve been having trouble with and in what way you can help them with this problem. 


5. Offer A Solution :
Now that you’ve found out the things that your prospect struggles with, it’s time to offer them a solution to their problem. In most cases the solution is for the prospect to join you inside whatever company you’re in that you believe can help them out. In any case, you should explain to your prospect in great detail step by step,  the ways that you and/or your company can help them. (This is where you present your opportunity)


6. Answer Questions :
Now that you’ve shared your opportunity/solution with your prospect it’s time to start answering their questions and giving them assurance on the decision that they’re making by partnering up with you. Answer ALL questions that you’re asked and go into detail about certain things that your prospect may be confused about. People want to fully understand something before they decide to send out there money and jump on the boat. 


7. Sign Them Up :
Once your prospect fully understands and tells you that they genuinely like what you’re offering, it’s time to get them signed up and started right away. The longer the time gap in-between actually closing that sale and getting that money transaction, the chance of that person actually joining your venture drops significantly. The longer you wait, the more time your prospect has to develop cold feet. So the only solution is for you to slowly start guiding them through the sign up process once you begin seeing all green lights and think they’re ready. If your prospect isn’t ready to sign up, they will stop you. If they are ready, they’ll let you be the guide and they’ll be all signed up and ready to get started within minutes. 


Thanks for reading and I hope you guys got some value from this post!
– Booke Neari



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