6 Reasons Why People Fail At Online Marketing

People fail at online marketing for thousands of different reasons,
depending on the person and their current circumstances..

Today I have made a little list for you guys describing 6 big reasons why I think people fail online. 
Keep in mind, that any of these circumstances that might be holding you back can be changed.
All you have to do is just reach out and make a decision to make these changes.

Here we go…

1. Lack Of Money ↓

Sometimes people get this idea that marketing online has little to no start up costs..
They feel that they aren’t meant for the regular 9-5 jobs and decide to start looking online
for free make money at home jobs. In all reality, you have to spend money to make money.
Marketing online is in fact a business and all business’s have start up costs.
Whether it’s $7, $27, or $300, all of the good 
online marketing companies
require some sort of membership or start up fee. 

2. Lack Of Activity ↓

You might stumble upon someone who you find to be the perfect prospect. 
They might be smart, kind, funny, goal orientated, and just an all around great person…
Then as soon as you sign them up into your business, they don’t do anything. They’re not engaging
enough, not creating any content, and not even going through the training..
The reason that this person  
that you originally thought was a great prospect will fail is
because of lack of activity online. This is due to them simply

not being hungry enough. They aren’t motivated enough to make it work
and are probably pretty comfortable in their current position. 

3. Lack Of Skills And Knowledge ↓

People who decide to join online marketing sometimes get an impression that it’s easy to start
selling products and earning an income from home…It’s not. There are so many different
things that one needs to learn while working online ranging from website creation, domain hosting,
building an e-mail list, managing a blog, creating videos, sales tactics, marketing tricks….
You get the point. 
We all need to have some kind of available training that is going to
help us grow our skills and improve
our knowledge. The thing is, we’re never done training and
we’re never done learning as network marketers.  
There’s always something new to learn
and some way to help us move to the next level. 

4. They Don’t Take Their Business Seriously ↓

Often times people end up treating their online marketing biz as if it’s some sort of hobby, 
which it is definitely not.. Just because you work from home, does not mean that
your business should 
be treated as some sort of hobby that just helps to pass by the time.
It should be treated for what it really is, a home based BUSINESS. 


5. They Have No Faith ↓

Online marketing is a business that is built off faith. In order to succeed in this industry we 
have to truly believe in ourselves and we need to have faith in the opportunity that we are in. 
If we don’t first believe in ourselves, no one else will either.

6. They Have No Vision ↓

I talked about vision in my last blog post and as I said, how can you know what your next 
step is to do with your business if you don’t know what you’re working towards in your future?
We have to have strong enough visions to keep us motivated throughout each day and
to remind us why all of our hard work is going to be worth it in the end. 

As network marketers we need to be able to see the forest that 
is growing just beyond the trees in front of us… 


Hope you all enjoyed today’s blog!

– Brooke Neari

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