5 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning

Morning routines help keep you energized and focused throughout your morning, helping you start your day the right way. This same focused energy can then spread into the rest of your day and night if you maintain the right momentum…

You see, the way you begin your morning often sets the tone and your attitude for the day. It can also derail or direct your focus.You must pay attention and set certain intentions so that you can start your day with complete energy and focus. If you work hard enough and remain committed to healthy morning habits, it’ll be impossible to fall prey to feeling unproductive and distracted at the end of the day..

“5 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning”wakingup

1. Allow Yourself Time ↵
No one enjoys being rushed to get ready and out the door, especially in the morning. With every morning that arises, so will obstacles. Whether the problem is running out of shampoo, forgetting to make coffee, or getting a flat tire on the way, these things are bound to happen.  The only way to deal with these problems is too allow yourself time. Figure out your morning routine and how long it usually takes you to be ready and add on an extra 30 minutes or so. By adding on this extra amount of time you’re allowing room for disruption to be fixed or relaxation to occur. If there is a disturbance, you have enough time to fix it without it causing you to be late. If no such distractions occur, you can find a book or a chair and relax a little bit before continuing on with your day.

2. Eat For Better Sleep  ↵
A really easy way to get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling energized is too simply eat less during the night. However… you might be a lover of late night snacking like I am. If that’s the case you should at least make sure to eat a snack that actually contributes to a good nights sleep. Foods such as, turkey, bananas, honey, cherries, milk, tea, almonds and other nuts. 

3. Prepare The Night Before ↵
Preparing the night before can make a huge difference by helping to  avoid certain painstaking morning rituals and can also save a lot of time in your day for more productive tasks. Preparing can be doing things as simple as picking out your clothes for the next day, packing a lunch, packing your gym bag,  gathering laundry, or preparing the next days blog topic.

4. Find What Motivates You ↵
Personally, I have found that kicking off your morning with something motivating is the best way to create some energy and blood flow throughout your body. Find something that just really gets you pumped up and ready for the day.  One of my favorite things to do is to turn on one of my favorite songs and jam out! A few other examples are reading a personal development book, watching an inspirational video, or working out. 

5. Create A Wake Up Routine ↵
 I talked in the the first step about allowing yourself time in the mornings, this is exactly how you do that. First off, what do you do when you wake up? Do you get up and shower right away or read some of a book? It’s important to know what goes on during your morning so that you can manage your time efficiently. Personally, my wake up routine consists of me getting out of bed, turning on the coffee pot, bringing my dog outside, checking my phone notifications, showering/brushing teeth, and then jamming out to some motivating music while getting dressed for the day. After I’m ready for the day I usually make a -to do- list while eating some breakfast and then get started on my daily tasks..Creating a routine like this is very easy to do and if you stick with your routine, you’ll find that things in your life will start flowing a lot more smoothly..

  ⇒The first few hours after waking up can have a significant effect on your levels of productivity throughout the rest of the day. This is why it is important to create a good morning routine that help sets you up for a successful and energized day.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s blog!
Brooke Neari


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