5 Tips On How To Recruit More People

Everyone wants to recruit more people into their opportunity, right?


That’s what I thought.. 😉

For today’s blog I’ve compiled a list of 5 Tips to start recruiting more people that will STAY in your
opportunity for the long run..
From my personal experience I know how frustrating recruiting can be,
especially if you can’t get anyone to join 
or you’re recruiting the type of people that are all about it
at first and then drop out like flies after a little while..

Those are definitely not the kind of people that we want to be recruiting, Right?
We want to recruit people who are motivated, focused, driven, and willing to learn.
Those are the kind of people who 
are going to see the real value in what you’re doing
and they’re going to work with you side by side along the way. 

Without any further nonsense, let’s get into it..


TIP 1 – Quality VS Quantity: 

You can call or message thousands of people but if they are not Quality, targeted, prospects chances are you’re wasting your time. Most of those people won’t even message back and the ones that do aren’t going to be interested in your business. You need to choose quality over quantity and find targeted people who are within the same niche work as you.


TIP 2 – Be Yourself:

There are already way too many fake guru type personalities out there..Just Be Yourself. Most often, people don’t just join some random company because they like the company. It’s usually because they like, know and trust someone. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it.. People don’t join companies, they join people. Be sincere and bring your personality out!


TIP 3 – Don’t Sell Them Too Soon:

Yes, if you haven’t heard already it’s possible to try selling someone Too Soon. If you try to sell them right off the bat without first connecting with them, finding out who they are, what they do and why they do it, you’re going to come off like a total sales nut whose only out for the money. You have to build a friendship first and find out how you or your company could actually benefit that person. Then you can pitch your solution to them. 


TIP 4 – Qualify Your Prospect:

This ones important..You want to work with people who fit in with your personality, see the same vision as you and generally get along with, right? That’s why you need to Qualify Your Prospect. Ask them questions. Find out what motivates them, if they have the same goals or if they’ll fit in well with the rest of your team or movement.


TIP 5 – Show More People:

At the end of the day, the most important thing about recruiting is that you Show More People. Once you’ve found a good target market it’s time to start putting these tips into action and talking to people. Recruiting is all a numbers game and the more people that you show your business too, the higher the ratio will grow and more people will join you in your business or opportunity.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s tips and thanks for reading!

– Brooke Neari


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