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Do you consider yourself a busy person?



Personally, I would say that I’m fairly busy throughout each day and that can
make it hard to find the time to get a workout in.

Just recently I’ve learned that there are many more benefits to working out than I previously thought. Not only does it build and maintain healthy muscles, bones & joints but working out helps you sleep better through the night, Strengthens and boosts your immune system, increases energy and endurance, reduces stress, depression and anxiety,
and a whole big list of other things!

After discovering all these benefits I decided that my next weekly “Healthy Choices” blog (this post) was going to be about how busy people like me can find the time to workout each day with this
5 move simple workout.

Basically anyone can do these moves and they all benefit your body in different ways giving you a well balanced workout. You can do these moves in the morning before you get ready, after dinner before your relax time, or even at night while your relaxing with the family and watching tv. You don’t need much room to do these workouts
and they won’t take up a lot of your time..

Make sure you have a water bottle by you before you begin the workout! 

Hydration is essential.
I also recommend using a Yoga Mat if you’re doing this workout at home.

Workout Move #1
“The Plank”

13/1/09 carla pic david poole exercise number 1The plank work by contracting your muscles against the normal stationary resistance. This move helps strengthen the midsection, upper-body and lower-body muscles along the front of your body.
Planks also strengthen the inner core muscles that support your joints.

Workout Move #2
“Side Leg Lifts”

wrkt 3These side leg lifts focus on toning and shaping specific muscles, virtually every type of leg lift targets the all-important glutes, thighs and core. In addition to these areas, leg lifts also engage the hamstrings as a secondary muscle group.

Workout Move #3
“30 Jumping Jacks”

workout 2I said 30 jumping jacks but if you find yourself with more time try to do about 50.  Jumping jacks do work an array of muscles, but the exercise is of aerobic nature and offers cardiorespiratory and calorie-burning benefits rather than strength developments. Although, from the waist down, muscles
throughout your hips and legs contract including your calf muscles,
quadriceps, hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

Workout Move #4

1104-pushupPush-ups are a basic strength-building total body exercises that strengthens the upper body and
improves the core strength. Several muscle groups are worked including
the chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back, and neck.

Workout Move #5

wrkt 4Lunges work out almost all of the muscles in your lower body. Not only do they help your legs, but they also require the development of your abdominal and lower back muscles to stabilize your core and provide balance.

→ I hope you all enjoyed today’s Healthy Choices blog!

These moves are easy, beneficial and not too time consuming.
I’ve actually started to do these 5 moves each night when we’re relaxing and watching tv
and I feel the improvements already and I hope you guys will too!

Thanks for reading.

– Brooke Neari







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  1. Dexter Roona

    As an advocate of T25 and knowing just how inactive us marketers are i would say it is essential to fit in a workout when you can, healthy mind healthy body

    regards Dexter
    Dexter Roona recently posted…What Is Lead Generation ?My Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Exactly! Our health depends on both.

      Thanks for the comment Dexter. :)


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