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Now I’m not claiming to be some e-mail marketing expert…In fact, I’m actually quite new to this whole style of marketing. Which is exactly why I wanted to write this post for everyone. I’ve been learning lots of things in the past few days about autoresponders, e-mail lists, squeeze pages, and many other lessons having to do with this type of marketing. Below, I have compiled a list of the top 20 tips that I’ve learned about E-Mail marketing and how to do it successfully. 



Getting People To Take Notice:


1. Write your E-Mails as if you’re talking to one person. It instantly makes it
more personal and engages your readers.

2. Don’t waste people’s time. Only send E-Mails when you truly have something
valuable or helpful to say.

3. Be as useful as you can. Don’t just send E-Mails whenever you need something from your readers.
Be generous, friendly, helpful and respectable.

4. Give People a sort of reward for reading your E-Mails. Make sure that people are actually gaining
some kind
of benefit from things you send. Share a helpful tip, share a video,
make their day better, or inspire them.

How To Get Your E-Mails Opened With Subject Lines:


5. Start using power words. Emotional words attract attention and can make your subject lines 
stand out substantially in the crowded inboxes.

6. Promise your readers something good in the subject. If people know specifically what they’ll
learn, how 
they can benefit, or become more informed, they will want to read more. 

7. Dare to be different. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your subject lines..Try something new.

8. Pique curiosity. Try using a few bizarre words now and then. Your readers will be keen to 
find out what you’re really talking about. 

9. Learn from the masters of the art. Try subscribing to a few pro marketer E-Mail lists and start
to analyze their subject lines and writing technique. By doing this, you’re almost guaranteed to 
learn something new in the process. 

How To Make Your Writing More Interesting:


10. Keep it short. No one wants to sit reading an E-Mail for 10 minutes. Long and unwieldy
E-Mails can actually take away all of your readers interest. 

11. Ask questions. Engage your readers mind by asking questions and actually making them think.

12. Add a personal touch. The point of writing E-Mails is to build connections and to let your readers
get to know, like and trust you, right? What better way to do this than by adding in something personal. 

13. Let your personality shine through. Use words and sayings that you use on a daily basis. 
Don’t come off sounding like a robot. Write the way that you would actually talk to someone. 

14. Stop being boring. Make sure you’re writing short strong sentences that help get your point 
across in a clear and direct manner. 

How To Start Selling With Your E-Mails:


15. Do not try selling before your prospect is ready. First, you need to become a friend and a trusted
source of information. After that has been accomplished, you’re readers will be more likely to buy.

16. Work towards your end point. Tell interesting and engaging stories that lead up to your sales message.

17. Explain the benefits. Don’t just try selling your product. Sell the benefits that your prospect can 
gain from purchasing your product. It’s all about that lifestyle and what your product can do for them. 

18. Dig in with what your readers will miss out on if they don’t take action. A lot of people have a fear
and want to avoid inconveniences and complications as much as they can. Give them a push in the right direction. 

19. Give them a deadline with your offer. This helps prevent people from procrastinating.

20. Have a clear and direct Call-To-Action. Let your readers know exactly why you’re offering
what you’re offering, 
how they can get started, what you expect them to do next,
and remind them why it’s in their best interest. 


So, there ya go everyone! Those were my 20 tips to get better results
with E-Mail marketing.
I hope you were all able to learn something new
and good luck with your E-Mails!

– Brooke Neari

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  1. Jeff Robb

    awesome points, glad I found my way here!
    Jeff Robb recently posted…Why I moved All My Web Hosting Accounts To Marketing and Networking UniversityMy Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Thanks for reading jeff!

  2. Barbara Charles

    Hi Brooke,

    Definitely needed to stop by your blog. This is one thing I need help in and that is getting better at emails to my subscribers. More about being consistence is my problem. Great tips – all.

    Thanks so much.
    Barbara Charles recently posted…7 Immediate Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Well thanks for stopping by Barbara! I’m glad you liked these tips and hope they helped. :)

  3. Corey

    This is a great post, it will definitely help a ton of people looking to increase their email skills. Thanks!
    Corey recently posted…We Got Called A Power Couple!My Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Thanks Corey, glad you liked it. :)

  4. Donna Merrill

    Hi Brooke,

    You have given such great ways to get better results with our emails. This is one topic I love to read about from every angle. There are so many schools of thought of how we should be doing this. Yours is spot on for me!

    When it comes down to it all, it is all about engagement. Our emails do have to be focused on something that will benefit others.

    Thanks so much,

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Listbuilding For Bloggers | Why and HowMy Profile

  5. Neamat Tawadrous

    Hi Brooke,

    My first time in your blog and I like it.

    Great tips your provided here for getting better results with email marketing. This is something I want to improve on and do the necessary tweaks.

    Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…Why We Should Stop Comparing Ourselves To Others!!!My Profile

    1. Brooke.MN (Post author)

      Hey Neamat Tawadrous, thanks for commenting! I’m glad you like my blog and I hope this post has helped you with your E-mail marketing. :)

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  7. Best Lawyer

    I like everything you said above. Building a community is so important. You have outlined how important an “affiliate” on your blog is. I find that it creates great success with people on your list.
    Thanks for the great tips,


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